Firearms, WWII Memorabilia, Ammo & Yeti Merchandise Estate Auction

100 Firearms, Huge Selection of Ammo, Knives, Yeti Merchandise & Tactical Gear & Supplies

100 Firearms Including Modern, Antique and Military Rifles, Shotguns, Revolvers, Semi-Auto Pistols, High Quality Knives, Tactical Gear & Supplies, Gun Parts, Yeti Coolers & Merchandise and More

WWII Collection w/ German Mauser Luger

Began: 09/21/19 at 10:30 AM CDT
Location: 1528 N. Saddle Creek Road, Omaha, NE 68104


Saturday September 21st – 10:30am

1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104

Over 100 Firearms Consisting of Modern, Antique and Military Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and Revolvers, WWII Memorabilia, Large Assortment of Ammo, Bullet Traps, Reloading Supply, Knives, New Tactical & Gun Supplies and New Yeti Coolers & Merchandise

Online Bidding Via Proxibid, 10% Onsite Buyers Premium


Nebraska Residents: We require a valid handgun purchase permit, concealed carry permit or an FFL holder in order to purchase and take home your firearms on auction day.

Buyers who do not have a handgun purchase permit, concealed carry permit or a valid FFL may purchase black powder, rifles and shotguns, but will be required to pass a NICS background check before taking those guns home on auction day.

Out of State Residents:  Unless you have a valid Federal Firearms Dealers License, your firearms will be shipped or delivered to a firearms dealer in your state for pickup.  This applies to all guns and firearms except black powder.

Firearms Transfer Fee: There will be a $20.00 fee for the first firearm purchase and a $15.00 fee for each additional firearm.  Every buyer will be required to fill out and sign a 4473 form.  We will assist with the paperwork.

The Auction Mill is a Licensed Federal Firearms License Dealer.  License Number: 5-47-005-01-2K-02606


  • Ruger Model. No. 3 .375 WIN SN: 132-50597
  • Mannlicher Schoenauer Model 1910 Made in Austria 9.5 x 57MS SN: 8204
  • Long Branch No. 4 MK1 1942 Military Rifle .303 British Enfield (Lee Enfield)
  • Mannlicher Schoenauer Model 1910 Oesterr Waffenfabr-Ges.Steyr 9.5 x 57MS
  • Pietro Beretta Cardone VT. Monoblock 16 Gauge SN: C173520
  • Browning BAR II Safari 30-06 30/06 w/ Leupold Scope SN: 107NY32807
  • Stevens Model 311 16 Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun 2 3/4in Savage Arms
  • Mauser 1916 Spanish Rifle, 7mm Mauser, SN: R6870
  • Springfield Armory U.S. Model 1898 30-40 Krag, SN: 176491
  • Ross Rifle Co. Model: 1905 Rifle, .303 British Mod.
  • Ruger Model 10/22 .22 LR Rifle w/ Nikon Scope, SN: 827-48339
  • Mauser Model 48 Bolt Action Rifle 8mm Mauser, SN: V42684
  • Uberti Cimarron 38-40 Lever Action Rifle SN: 86811
  • Mauser Model 48 Bolt Action Rifle 8mm Mauser, SN: W13604
  • Winchester 1892 Takedown 38-40 Rifle SN: 07004
  • Browning Auto 5 A5 12 Gauge Shotgun 2 3/4in SN: H32286
  • Thompson Auto Ordinance Model: M 1911 .45 Cal. Automatic SN: AOC59318
  • Marlin Model 1894S Micro-Groove Barrel Cal. 44-40 Win. SN: 44400286
  • ASM Black Powder Cal. 44 Revolver, Italy, More Info Coming Soon
  • Colt D.A. 41 Long Colt 1892 Army Navy SN: 243433 177
  • Ruger 30-40 Krag Model: 13057757 Rifle w/ Leupold Scope, More Info Coming Soon
  • Smith & Wesson Model 43 .22LR Revolver SN: M70293
  • Winchester Model 94BB .375 Winchester Big Bore Model 94 XTR SN: BB 010810
  • Ruger SP101 .32 H&R Mag. Cal.
  • Ruger MK III 22/45 .22 LR Semi-Auto Target Model 10140 Blued Pistol SN: 273-03422
  • Iver Johnson Model 1900 IJ Double Action Revolver SN: 48469
  • Marlin Golden 39-A .22 LR SN: 29063
  • Walther P38 9mm Semi Auto Pistol w/ 3 Mags, Holster SN: 197679
  • Marlin Model 1894CL Caliber 32-20 Win. Classic SN: 10058678
  • Astra Model 1921 (400) 9mm (38) Largo, SN: 73592, Spain,
  • Smith & Wesson Model K-38 .38 Special SN: 76K6889 Revolver w/ Leupold Scope
  • Marlin Model 62 .30 Carbine w/ Scope, SN: AB 4249
  • Ruger Model GP100 .357 Magnum SN: 173-76763
  • Star Modelo Super S.A. Cal. 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol SN: 45431 1218327
  • Colt 1892 Army Navy 41 Long Colt Revolver, SN: 212434 539
  • Smith & Wesson New Model 16 32-20 32WCF Revolver w/ Nice Engravings
  • Colt Police Positive .32 Long Revolver, SN: 66641
  • Smith & Wesson Model K22 .22LR Revolver, SN: 22K7957
  • Harrington & Richardson Model 732 .32 S&W Revolver
  • Harrington & Richardson Model 732 .32 S&W Revolver SN: BB 005390
  • Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Revolver, SN: 441003
  • Colt Police Positive 32 Colt Ctg, SN: 100445
  • Colt Trooper Mk III .357 Magnum Revolver, SN: J7700
  • F.LLI Pietta Italian 44 Cal. Black Powder Pistol SN: R432343
  • Smith & Wesson Model M67-1 .38 S&W Special SN: AUJ5313
  • Star Model C Super 9mm Largo SN: 032052
  • Smith & Wesson Model M15 .38 Special Revolver, SN: CUM5258
  • Ruger Vaquero 44-40 Win. Revolver SN: 55-90179
  • Smith & Wesson Model 686 .357 Magnum SN: AJN 3297
  • Uberti Model P Jr. Cimarron 41 Long Colt Revolver, SN: U11212
  • Walther PPK Cal. 7.65 mm.32 ACP Semi-Auto Pistol, Double Action, SN: 964370
  • Ruger SP101 .38 Special Revolver SN: 570-22658
  • Ruger LCR .38 Special +P Revolver, SN: 1540-99099
  • Smith & Wesson Model 32 AirLite T Airweight .32 H&R Magnum Revolver
  • Smith & Wesson Model M15 .38 Special Revolver, SN: K480328
  • Uberti Cattleman 38-40 Revolver SN: J17625, Pat. Sept 19 1871, July 2 1872
  • North American Arms NAA-22M .22 Magnum Pocket Pistol SN: D63843
  • Smith & Wesson Model 631 .32 Magnum SN: BFN0346
  • Smith & Wesson Model 1883 DA .38 S&W SN: 106425
  • Colt Police Positive Special 32-20 SN: 400249
  • Uberti Cattleman 38-40 Revolver SN: J19295, Pat. Sept 19 1871, July 2 1872
  • Ruger New Vaquero .45 Cal. Revolver SN: 510-82279 w/ Orig. Case & Papers
  • Uberti 38-40 Single Action Revolver & Repeating Carbine Black Powder Pistol w/ Orig. Box SN: 3557
  • Smith & Wesson .38 Special Revolver Bill Davis Custom Model
  • Smith & Wesson .38 S&W Special Revolver w/ Hogue Monogrip
  • Smith & Wesson .22 Cal. LR Revolver Pat. Date Feb. 6 06, Sept 14 09, Dec. 29 14
  • Government 45-70 Rifle, More Info Coming Soon
  • Ruger New Vaquero .45 Cal. Revolver, w/ Orig. Box & Papers, SN: 510-87113
  • Ruger Rifle w/ Nikon Scope, More Info Coming Soon
  • Survival Arms AR-7 Explorer II .22LR Rifle Pilot Air Crew Survival Weapon
  • Stoeger Uplander Supreme 20 Gauge Shotgun in Orig. Box SN: A12595-06
  • Marlin 9mm Rifle w/ Micro-Groove Barrel, Cal. 9mm, SN: 11578598
  • The Original Marlin Goose Gun Model 55-12 Gauge, 3in Mag. Chamber
  • Springfield Model 944 Savage Arms 12 Gauge, 3in Chamber, SN: P574903
  • Jukar Black Powder Rifle, Spain, SN: 001233
  • Hopkins & Allen Arms Company Double Barrel Side by Side 2-Trigger Break Open 16Ga (?) SN: 2901
  • Remington Magnum Wingmaster Model 870 2 3/4in SN: S064986M w/ Soft Case
  • Winchester Defender 12 Gauge Shotgun, Pump, SN: L1907486 w/ Soft Case
  • Remington Wingmaster Model 870 LW 410 Gauge Pump Shotgun, SN: V463213H w/ Soft Case
  • Browning BPS Pigeon Grade 12 Gauge Shotgun, 2 3/4in & 3in Field Grade SN: 67134NYP52 w/ Soft Case
  • Winchester Model 62A .22 Cal. Short Pump Rifle, SN: 21 7140 w/ Soft Case
  • Winchester Model 1400 12 Gauge Shotgun, 2 3/4in Chamber, SN: N1084670 w/ Soft Case
  • Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 Special Ctg. 5-Shot Revolver, SN: 153380
  • Winchester Model 94 30-30 WIN – Lever Action Rifle w/ Soft Case, SN: 4316289
  • Browning Belgium .22 LR Target Pistol w/ Matching Leather Holster, SN: 23731U3


World War Two WWI Collection:

  • WWII Gordon Highlanders Badge, Worn During WWII & Orig Piece of Tartan That was Worn with the Badge
  • Photographs and Spitfire Notebook, Pilot’s Notes, Spitfire VA, VB & VC Aircraft
  • Spitfire Memorabilia
  • British SAS Badges, Book & Magazine
  • 4 Spitfire Photographs
  • Framed Picture of Nine Nazi Officers
  • 1939 Swastika Iron Cross Medal & 2 Nazi German Belt Buckles
  • Collection of 20 Nazi German Pins and Badges
  • American – German Immigration Department Belt Buckle
  • Pewter Tray Engraved “To B.B.W. Berlin 1938”
  • 2 Art Krupp Berndorf Silver Spoons Engraved w/ Nazi Swastika Insignia
  • Framed Print: Hurricane, signed by RAF Wing Commander RR Stanford-Tuck
  • Framed Print: Duel of Eagles, Signed by RAF Pilot Douglas Bader and Luftwaffe Pilot Adolf Galland
  • WWII Spitfire Pilots Flight Jacket w/ Letter of Provenance Giving Rank, Name & Squadron
  • World War II Mauser “42” Code 1939 Dated Luger Semi-Automatic Pistol Model P08 9mm with 1936 Holster
  • Set of 10 Time Life WWII Books
  • Set of 12 Time Life Books, WWII The Third Reich
  • Assorted WWII Books
  • 3 Stars and Stripes 1945, 1 London News 1941, Both Exec. Cond. Periodicals WWII Related
  • (3) WWII DVD’s, 1 VHS Patton
  • Lot of 4 Military Related Decorative Plates, Coalport RAF Commemoration Plate, See Images
  • Placeholder, Do Not Bid
  • English Paratroopers Knife Dated 1942
  • WWII Wilkinson Sword F-S Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife & Scabbard 1st Pattern World War Two
  • Holy Bible w/ King Georges Emblem & Message Dated 1939 & Handkerchief w/ Royal Engineers Crest
  • First Day Issue Stamp & Spitfire Anniversary Envelope, Sheet of Classic American Aircraft Stamps
  • Set of English Police Uniform Tunic Buttons Used During the Blackout of WWII Cambridge Police Force
  • Royal Artillery Hat Badge


  • Piranha Knives Amazon Auto Open Knife Retail Price: $150.00
  • Paragon Al Mar Mini Auto Open Knife Retail Price: $129.99
  • CRKT Lake’s Pal Auto Open Knife Taiwan Retail Price: $105.00
  • Microtech ADD Fixed Blade Dagger Retail Price: $254.99
  • DKD USA ATS-34 Auto Open Knife Retail Price: $200.00
  • Pro-Tech Brend PR 2 205 Auto Open Knife Retail Price: $205.00
  • Piranha Knives CPM S30V USA Auto Open Knife, Ribbed Purple & Black Handle Retail Price: $185.00
  • Brous Blades Auto Open Knife
  • UZI Defender Auto Open Knife, Fred Carter Custom Design Retail Price: $210.00
  • Lone Wolf LOBO CPM-S30V Folding Knife Retail Price: $224.99
  • Wilson Hogue Elishewitz Folding Knife Retail Price: $149.99
  • Paragon Al Mar Auto Open Knife Retail Price: $230.00
  • Southern Grind Spider Monkey Folding Knife Retail Price: $219.99
  • Lone Wolf LOBO CPM-S30V Folding Knife Retail Price: $224.99
  • Al Mar Folding Knife, Japan, VG-10 Retail Price: $435.00
  • No Limit Knives Strelka OTF Auto Open Knife U.S.A. Retail Price: $144.99
  • Gerber Signature Custom Auto Open Camo Knife, Rex Applegate, W.E. Fairbairn Retail Price: $159.99
  • SOG Vision Titanium Folding Knife Retail Price: $214.99
  • Piranha CPM S30V USA Auto Open Knife Retail Price: $185.00
  • Benchmade Auto Open Snody Design Knife Retail Price: $200.00

NOTE: More Firearms, Ammo, Knives, Bullet Traps, Reloading Supplies, Western and Firearms Related Advertising and Yeti Merchandise Will Be Added to this Auction.  Check Back Often for Updates!


1. All bidding is online from this platform, we are also selling live to the onsite public simultaniously.
If you’re not monintoring and bidding live online and have left your maximum bid in prior, you run the risk of
losing your max bid if the bid increment is the the onsite buyer. For example, you left a $110.00 max bid and
going into the auction, you are high bidder at $80, the next increment would be bid $90 to the onsite bidder, then
the computer would put you in at $100, the next bid increment would be $110.00 onsite, you would be out of the bidding
and if no more bids were taken, the onsite buyer would win at $110.00.

2. Stop by the Auction Mill weekdays during business hours 9am to 4pm for preview.

3. Pickup of your winning purchases will be Monday September 23rd and Friday September 27th at the Auction Mill located at 1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104 from 9am to 4:30pm Only.
Please bring the tools, help, equipment, boxes and vehicle you need to take your items with you. There are items located in different areas throughout the property. Some walking may be required.

4. All items are offered and sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with all faults. We encourage you to come to the preview to see and inspect the items.

5. All descriptions are believed accurate but not warranted or guaranteed. Measurements are approximate. Keep in mind that these items are used and may have scratches, dents, dings, holes, funky odors, etc.

Any mention of an item’s condition is not an official grading of the item’s condition. When you are not certain of the condition or wear of an item, please bid accordingly.

6. NOTICE: The Auction Mill will not be able to hold any items for pick up beyond the stated times unless prior arrangements have been made and payment has been made. Everything must be picked up by Friday May 25thh by 4pm. Buyer will be charged the full amount for items not picked up, and will forfeit their right and claim to the property.

7. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. You must be registered to place a bid on an item. By placing a bid, you agree to all the terms and conditions that apply to that auction.

8. The Auction Mill reserves the right to reject any bid and/or bidder at our sole discretion.

9. Per Department of Revenue, No Taxes Will be Charged on Online Only Timed Auctions

10. This auction has an 18% buyer’s premium. This means that a final bid of $100 plus the buyer’s premium constitutes the total purchase price of $118.00
There is a 3% discount for cash payment.

11. You will receive an invoice listing the items won within a few hours of the auction closing. Payment is due at time of pickup, or by paying online with the square invoice our firm will email you the following auction day. Credit cards, cash and approved checks are accepted. Cards accepted include MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover, Cash, Check, Wire Transfer or Money Order only. Buyer’s will receive a square invoice via email within 24hr following the auction. Use that invoice and link to pay for your purchases using your desired payment method. WE DO NOT CHARGE THE CREDIT ON FILE WITH PROXIBID OR THE CARD YOU REGISTERED WITH.

12. By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction. All bids are final. We cannot retract or remove a bid.

13. You will deal with our firm on shipment of the firearms, all other items will be shipped by the UPS Store. We do not profit from shipping
you will be charged actual shipping costs plus the price to pack and carton each firearms along with a small handling fee. No estimates given.

14. As mentioned above, non-firearms items will be shipped by the local UPS Store and they will contact you for payment after you have paid
our firm for your purchase.

15. There will be a $40 returned check fee for any declined check received.

16. Declined credit cards can result in a buyer being banned from participating in future auctions. The Auction Mill is members of the National and State Auctioneers Associations. Non-paying and/or fraudulent bidder names may be shared with other auction companies.

17. Buyer will be charged the full amount for items not picked up, and will forfeit their right and claim to the property. Unclaimed lots may incur up to a $25 removal fee based on the size of the items.

18. This is a public auction and not a retail setting. All sales are final. No returns or charge backs are accepted.

19. You are bidding on the described item, not the photo. Please let us know if you see an error in our listings. We strive to be as accurate as possible.

20. Out of state buyers will have to provide our firm with your receiving FFL dealers Federal Firearms License contact information or a copy
of their license. We will ship your gun to them. In addition to the shipping and packing expense, there will be a charge of $25.00 per firearms for the
transfer fee, a discount of $5.00/gun for bulk and multiple firearms buyers. The first gun will be $25.00 and each transfer after will be $20/firearm.

21. Transfer Fee Onsite: Onsite Buyers will be charge a $20.00 transfer fee for the first firearm and $15.00 for each additional gun purchase, including long guns, rifles, shotguns, but excluding black
powder guns.

22. All buyers will be required to fill out and sign a 4473 form for your purchases and pay a transfer fee on all firearms except black powder,
including long guns, rifles, relics and shot guns. Out of state buyers onsite will have their firearms shipped or deliverd to their local FFL in
their state for pickup.

23. Anyone buying with a valid FFL license can carry their gun home with them regardless of the state you live in.

24. Local buyers with a valid handgun purchase permit, concealed carry permit or valid FFL can take their firearms with them after filling
out the proper paperwork and paying the transfer fee. Local buyers without a handgun purchase permit will be required to pay for a NICS
background check, once passed, they can take shotguns and rifles with them. All buyers buying handguns must have a minimum of a handgun
purchase permit in order to take the firearm with you.

Preview is highly recommended so you can make your own determination of quality, size, condition, weight, item location, and all the other variables that are difficult to convey in a photo.

Any items not removed during the pickup times will become the property of the Auction Mill (unless other arrangements have been made)

If you are unable to make the pickup time due to a flat tire, mean boss, traffic jam, car fire, sudden illness, deceased relative, or any other catastrophic event, please contact The Auction Mill at 402.885.4916 or 402.690.8666 or We can make special arrangements for in most cases. Items MUST be paid in full to qualify for storage.

The Auction Mill
1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd
Omaha, NE 68104

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The Auction Mill

1528 N. Saddle Creek Road Omaha, NE 68104

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