Rare Early Antiques, Firearms, Coin-Ops, Furniture & Advertising Extravaganza Live Auction

Fresh to Market Signs, Firearms, Antiques, Coin-Ops, Early Furniture, Classic Car, Glass, Lamps, Canes & Walking Sticks, Advertising and More

Join us for a rare auction event.

Rare Iconic Omaha Signs from the Past, Classic Car, Firearms, Military Memorabilia, Walking Sticks, Coin-Ops, Early Furniture, Beautiful Old Advertising, Gambling Memorabilia, High End Glass and More

Began: 11/23/19 at 10:00 AM CST
Location: 1528 N. Saddle Creek Road, Omaha, NE 68104

Fresh to Market Antiques & Advertising Auction

Saturday November 23rd 10:00am

1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104

100 Pieces of Early Oak Furniture, Coin-Ops, Signs, Neon, Local Omaha Historic Signs, Cast Iron, Vintage Toys, Classic Cars, Guns, Ammo, Firearms, Stoneware, Primitives, Elegant Glass, Cut Glass, Crystal, Vintage Advertising, General Store and Soda Fountain and More


400+ Lots of…

  • Classic Car
  • Coin-Ops
  • Salesman Samples
  • Fine & Elegant Glass, Cut Glass, Crystal
  • Antique Lamps
  • Porcelain Signs
  • Antique Lamps
  • Old Iconic Omaha Memorabilia
  • Music Instruments & Music Players
  • Early Oak Furniture
  • Victorian Serving Pieces
  • Vintage Advertising
  • Antique Furniture
  • Primitives
  • Art
  • Bronzes
  • Firearms, Ammo, Knives, Swords
  • Stained Glass
  • Soda Fountain Memorabilia
  • Vintage Signs
  • Walking Sticks and Canes
  • Stoneware and Crocks
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • Beer and Soda Advertising and Memorabilia
  • Copper and Cast Iron
  • Antique Toys
  • Car Memorabilia
  • Gas and Oil, Petroliana
  • Sleepy Eye Pottery
  • Textiles
  • Clocks
  • Billiards and Bar Memorabilia
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Coca-Cola and Other Soda Memorabilia
  • Pinball Machines
  • General Store Memorabilia and Furniture

Partial Auction Listing:

1965 Pontiac Grand Prix – VG Running Condition, Original Paint, 102,000 Miles


  • Remington Model 1903-A3 30-6, Aug. 1943 Production, CSAA Cartouche San Antonio Arsenal, FJA Cartouch
  • Mauser Werke Model 3000 30-6 SN: 88648 w/ Nikon Bushmaster Scope
  • Remington Model 1100 Classic Trap Contour 12 Gauge 2.75″ Shotgun SN: R229708V
  • Smith and Wesson Model AR Cal 5.56 SN:SV52634
  • Remington Model 721 Cal 30-06 SPRG With Leopold Scope SN: 401113
  • Remington Model 700 Cal 30-06 SPRG. SN:6747889 Redfield Accu-Ranger Scope
  • BNZ Model 98 German Mauser Bolt Action Rifle Nazi SS Markings SN:6168
  • Winchester Model Ranger 7mm Rem Mag. Bolt Action Rifle SN:G1744401
  • Enfield Model No. 4 MK1 Cal .303 SN:13403
  • Savage Model 440 Cal 12 ga 2.75″ Made in Italy SN: 30902
  • Beretta O/U Over Under Shotgun Cal 12ga Break Open 2.75in, 28in Barrel SN: A57894B
  • Remington Special Purpose Model 11-87 Cal 12ga Shotgun 2.75 & 3in, Camo Wrap SN:PC681922
  • K Kale Model Mauser Cal 8mm TC AS FA ANK ARA c. 1946 SN: 229074
  • Ithaca Model 51 Magnum Featherlight Cal 12 Gauge Shotgun 3″ SN:510027196
  • Stevens Model 311A Cal 12ga Side By Side Double Barrel (2 Trigger) Break Open Shotgun
  • Mossberg Model 500 12ga Shotgun 2.75 & 3in, 20in Barrel SN:V0178177
  • Remington Model 870 Wingmaster 12 Gauge Shotgun 2.75in Pump SN:S026176V
  • Remington Model 870 Wingmaster Magnum 12 Gauge 3in Pump Shotgun SN: S749097M
  • Remington Model 700 Cal .223 REM w/ Bipod and w/ Vortex 6-18X44 Scope SN:RR087536
  • Chinese Model SKS Type 56 7.62×39 SN:2413585
  • Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action Rifle Cal .22 S-L-RL SN:566568H
  • Remington Fieldmaster Model 572 Cal .22 Rifle, SN: A1452325 S,L,LR Pump
  • Remington Model 24 Cal .22 LR Rifle SN:45617
  • Beretta Model A L2 -12 Gauge Magum Shotgun 3in, 30in Barrel, Mfg. Italy SN: A01169E
  • Webley Model MK IV 38 Cal .38 War Finish Revolver SN:149747
  • Hi-Standard Model HB Cal .22LR SN: 293809
  • Ruger Model MK2 Cal .22 LR Pistol SN:18-43154 With Holster
  • Sig Sauer Model SP 2022 Cal. 9mm Para, 3 Mags, Extra Grips, Factory Box SN:24B136992
  • Springfield Model XDM 40 Cal. 3.8 Semi-Auto Pistol SN: MG194213 w/ Factory Hardcase, 2 Mags, Papers
  • Heritage Rough Rider .22 / .22 Magnum – Combo 9in Model: RR22MB9AS Revolver Cal .22 SN: F64813
  • SAR Model SARB6P Cal 9mm SN:T110214E06274 With Factory Hard Case
  • Rare Browning MK I FN 9mm HP Semi-Auto Pistol,Holster,2 Mags Inglis, Canada Under a Chinese Contract
  • Ted Williams Model 21 Cal 20 Gauge Shotgun, 2.75in & 3in
  • Remington Model 597 Rifle Cal .22 LR SN:2692094
  • Remington Model 597 .22 LR. Rifle w/ Scheels Icon Rimfire Scope SN:B2676902
  • J.C. Higgins Model 43DL-103.19820 Cal .22 S,L, LR Rifle
  • Marlin Glenfield Model 25 Cal.22 Rifle SN: 71373218 S-L-LR With Bolt Action With BSA Sweet 22 Scope
  • Mossberg Model 142-A Cal .22 S-LR Bolt Action Rifle (Stock has been Cracked and Repaired)
  • Winchester Model 290 Cal.22 Rifle S-L LR SN:170635
  • Remington Model Target Master Model 510 Cal.22 S,L, LR
  • Wards Western Field Bolt Action Rifle, Model: 110.45 Rifle, Cal .22 S,L,LR
  • Marlin Model 781 Cal.22 S-L-LR Rifle w/ MicroGrooved Barrel SN:19702336 Guide Gear Scope 3-12x50IR
  • Winchester Model 77 – Cal .22 L Rifle SN:65784
  • Mossberg Model 151M-B Cal.22 LR Rifle
  • Westernfield Model M832 Cal.22 Rifle S,L,LR, SN:817944
  • Savage Arms Springfield Model 187J Rifle Cal.22 S,L,LR
  • Lot of 5 Buck Knives
  • Lot of 4 Knives, Kabar, Camillus, G.C. Co. Italy, Other
  • Old Military Bayonet, See Images for Details and Markings


  • Cast Iron Still Bank and Possible Salesman Sample Seedburo Qality Gravity Fed Farm Bin c. 1912
  • Eight Panel Slag Glass Table Lamp, Two Pull, Antique
  • Art Deco Jadite Table Lamp
  • Art Nouveau Nude and Slag Glass Table Lamp
  • Early Erie No. 9 Cast Iron Skillet 7/CC w/ Heat Ring, Late 19th Century, Professionally Restored
  • Antique Tiffany Style Table Lamp
  • Art Deco Card Pips Themed Milk Glass Table Lamps
  • Early Gone with the Wind Lamp, Electrified
  • Cranberry Glass Kerosene Gone with the Wind Lamp
  • Victorian Cruet Set
  • Victorian Cruet Set
  • Cambridge Glass Candle Holders w/ Prisms, One Damaged
  • Antique Limoges Tankard, Large
  • Antique Gone with the Wind Lamp, Electrified
  • Antique Gone with the Wind Lamp, Electrified
  • Antique Hand Painted Table Lamp
  • Matching Oriental Table Lamps
  • Heavy Decorated Brass Pitcher, Solid Brass, Antique
  • Lot of 2 Stag Antler Table Lamps
  • Aksarben Omaha Crest Sign on Masonite, Pretty Hard to Find, VG Condition, 16in x 18in
  • John Coleman Creation Passing Paper Bronze, 18in, Signed by Artist
  • Limoges France Hand Painted Footed Bowl
  • Black Forest Cuckoo Clock
  • Giannini Hand-made in Brazil 10 String C5 String with Paired Strings, Brazilian Viola Guitar
  • Giannini Guitar, AWN 300 Classical 1973 Handmade Brazil High End in Lay Work
  • Art Nouveau Nude Goddess Bench with Cast Iron Legs, Upholsured Top
  • Unique Porcelain Candle Holders with Crystal Prisms
  • Antique Piano Stool
  • Antique Concert Roller Organ, Cob Organ
  • Ornate God Bless Our Home Framed Print
  • Pyrex Nesting Bowls
  • Vintage PBR Pabst Blue Ribbon Wall Sconces
  • Lot of Corvette Club Patches
  • Lot of 3 Blue Green Glass Ball Mason Jars w/ Glass Lids
  • Antique Motion Lamp, Cozy House, Family & Fireplace
  • Ornate Antique Framed Print
  • Misc. Sterling Silver Shakers and Candle Sticks
  • Antique Motion Lamp
  • Antique Motion Lamp
  • Aladdin Kerosene Oil Lamp
  • Antique Brides Basket
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Czech Glass Blue Crystal Clear Sparkling Soda Water Seltzer Bottle, Made in Czechoslovakia
  • Lot of 2 TVB Oil Cans
  • Peony Park Memorabilia, Double Sided Framed Poster, Records
  • Antique Cut Glass Pitcher
  • Antique Cut Glass Vase
  • Antique Cut Glass Vase
  • Antique Cut Glass Pitcher
  • Antique Cut Glass Vase
  • Antique Cut Glass Compote
  • Antique Cut Glass Decanter
  • Vintage Strawberry Shakers, Victorian
  • NOS Phillips 66 Fertilizer Clock – 1960’s, Never Taken Out of Box Except for Photos, American 75-210
  • Phillips 66 Porcelain Sign, Shield 48in, DSP Double Sided, VERIBRITE SIGNS CHICAGO
  • Very Early Primitive Solid Copper Antique Pitcher
  • Lot of 5, 16mm Films
  • Early Stoneware Beehive Crock Jug, Details Coming Soon
  • No. 5 Red Wing Stoneware Crock
  • No. 6 Western Stoneware Crock w/ Fruit and Leaf Pattern
  • No. 5 Western Stoneware Crock
  • No. 12 Western Stoneware Crock
  • No. 10 Red Wing Stoneware Crock
  • No. 25 Redwing Stoneware Crock
  • Lot of 6 Klipsch Stereo Speakers
  • Swarovski Crystal ” Annual Edition 1995 “Inspiration of Africa”
  • Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition 1997 “Fabulous Creatures” – The Dragon
  • Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition 1996 “Fabulous Creatures” – The Unicorn
  • Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition 1998 “Fabulous Creatures” – The Pegasus
  • Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition 1990 “Lead me” – The Dolphins
  • Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition 1990 “Lead me” – The Dolphins
  • Swarovski Crystal “Cinderalla” With Slipper
  • Swarovski Crystal Annual Edition 1989 “Amour” – The Turtledoves
  • Swarovski Crystal German Shepherd
  • Swarovski Silver Crystal “Cheetah”
  • Swarovski Crystal 10th Anniversary Edition -The Squirrel
  • Rare Coca-Cola Mid-Century Modern Electric Clock & Marquee w/ Fishtail Coke Sign
  • Porcelain Sign DSP A.I.D. Autoglass Installation Dealer Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. 36in x 24in
  • Porcelain Sign, Shalimar Paint Colour & Varnish Calcutta SSP40in x 21in
  • Alcatraz Island United Penitentiary Porcelain Sign, 15in x 12in SSP VG Condition Marked: 3-57
  • Die Cut DSP Bear Wheel – Steering Alignment Service Sign, Porcelain, Double Sided 20in x 13.5
  • Wm. Younger’s Brewery Trade Sign, DSM hanging sign w/plastic inserts, VG+ cond, 40in x 25.5in
  • Soda fountain sign, Royal Crown Cola, marked MCA 1961, self-framed embossed metal sign, 63in x 40in
  • Antique Stickley Bros. Co. Signed Oak Bookshelf “Quaint” Furniture Grand Rapids, MICH 46.5in Tall
  • Jules Moigniez Solid Bronze 1860s Eagle, Made in France, Extremely Rare – Est. Value: $6000 to $8000
  • 1955 NASH George Petty Nude Flying Goddess Chrome Hood Ornament Metropolitan VG Condition
  • Antique Oak Glass Front Bookcase, 63in x 13in x 44in
  • Glass Front Curio Cabinet, 79in x 34in x 13in, Lighted
  • Brass and Glass Curio Cabinet, 83in x 34in x 20in, Lighted
  • Vintage Glass and Wood Curio Cabinet, 72in x 20in x 14in
  • Ornate Oak Buffet w/ Mirror, 72in x 42in x 21in
  • Curio Cabinet, Glass Front, Lighted, 85in x 37in x 13in
  • Antique Curved Glass China Cabinet or Bookcase, Oak, 62in x 42in x 18in
  • Antique Curved Glass China Cabinet and Drop Front Secretary, 71in x 33in x 15in
  • Antique Oak Buffet, 38in x 54in x 27in
  • Antique Oak Buffet w/ Glass Front Door
  • Antique Curved Glass Oak China Cabinet w/ Drop Front Secretary and Drum Shaped Drawer, Claw Foot
  • Antique Oak Table w/ Six Matching Chairs
  • Oak C-Curve Roll Top Boston Derby Desk w/ Key and Oak Office Chair
  • Antique Oak Rocker
  • Vintage Lane Cedar Chest
  • Vintage Cavalier Cedar Chest
  • Antique Curved Front Dresser w/ Mirror, Oak
  • Glass Ball and Claw Foot Piano Stool
  • Antique Oak Dry Sink Dresser or Cabinet
  • Serpentine Front Oak Chest of Drawers
  • Oak Rocker
  • Antique Oak Table w/ Four Matching Chairs
  • Buckeye Akron O Implement Seat Stool w/ Horse Hame Legs
  • Vintage Progress Refrigerator Co. 7-Up Cooler
  • Vintage Progress Refrigerator Co. Dr. Pepper Cooler
  • Vintage Acton Mfg. Coca-Cola Cooler
  • Copper Boiler w/ Lid
  • Primitive Standords Inks Writing Fluid Crate
  • No. 12 Cast Iron Spider (Footed) Skillet w/ Lid
  • Dazy Butter Churn and Wire Egg Basket
  • Antique Milk Cream Separator Can, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Antique 17in Stoneware Crock Lid
  • Lot of 2 Red Wing Crocks, No. 2 and No. 4
  • Cast Iron Abelskiver Pan
  • Vintage Special 2+2 Road Race Set Slot Car Set
  • Old St Louis Cardinals Pennant and Small Baseball Bat
  • Lot of 2 Western Stoneware Crocks, No. 3 and No. 12
  • 1953 Cramer Chemical Co. the First Aider Extra Coaches Newsletters, From Peru State Coach
  • Old Troxel Tricycle
  • Vintage Baby Buggy
  • Old Childs Saddle
  • Early Victorian Oil Lamp and Bracket
  • Jacot’s Regulator Kitchen Clock
  • 4 Gallon Red Wing Butter Churn
  • No. 8 Western Stoneware Crock w/ Lid
  • Antique Brides Basket
  • 1950’s Smith Corona Typewriter
  • Vintage Baby Bassonette
  • Early Pabst Blue Ribbon World’s Greatest Beer Container
  • Early Schrader-Universal Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Antique Violin and Case
  • Antique Banjo w/ Fancy Inlays and Case
  • Antique Violin and Case
  • Vintage King H.N. White Co. Horned Instrument
  • Antique C.C. Conn Saxaphone and Case
  • Antique C.C. Conn Saxaphone and Case
  • New Old Stock 1950’s Pontiac Hub Caps
  • Antique Hand Painted Victorian Plate
  • Red Wing Ko-Rec Feeder
  • Antique Stoneware Foot or Bed Warmer
  • Cambridge Glass Stork Flower Frog
  • Cambridge Glass Bird Flower Frog
  • Imperial Marigold Twins 2 Part Punch Bowl
  • Rare Near Mint Solid Copper Candy Makers Kettle, 22in Wide, 10in Deep
  • Glass Ball and Claw Foot Oak Plant Stand
  • Antique Cabridge Glass Centerpiece and Candle Stick Sets
  • Lot of 2 Antique Stoneware Jar and Jug
  • Lot of 2 Western Stoneware Crocks
  • Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Mustache Cups, Lot of 6
  • Rare Antique Hand Painted Left Handed Porcelain Mustache Cup and Saucer
  • Lot of 3 Shaving and Mustache Cups
  • Vintage Art Deco Frosted Glass Drinkware Set
  • Lot of 5 Old Sleepy Eye Pitchers
  • Early 9in Bluebird Stoneware Pitcher
  • Lot of 2, 9in Stoneware Sleepy Eye Vases, Old
  • Early Sleepy Eye Pitcher
  • Old Blue and White Stoneware Pitcher
  • No. 8 Western Stoneware Crock
  • Original Thomas A. Edison Standard Phonograph Cylinder Record Player w/ No. 10 Horn c. 1907 w/
  • Early Candy Store Balance Scale
  • Antique Royal Childs Stove
  • Antique Kenton Childs Stove w/ Pots and Pans
  • Early Brass Ink Well
  • Lot of Two Cowboy and Mustang Bookends
  • Old Hostess Fruit Cake Tin w/ Buttons
  • Early Military Hat Powder Jar w/ Original Box
  • Early Kerosene Hand Painted Gone with the Wind Lamp
  • Oak Coat Rack
  • Antique Cast Iron C.E. Jennings New York Level
  • Early Sleepy Eye Beater Jar
  • Old Blue and White Stoneware Butter Jar w/ Lid and Wire Handle
  • Old Blue and White Salt Jar
  • Early Western Stoneware Bowl
  • Antique Chest of Drawers, 50in x 38in x 21in
  • Rare Oak Antique Curved Glass Mirrored Buffet w/ Key, 53in x 40in x 16in
  • Oak Library Table, 38in x 26in x 29in
  • Antique Marble Top Harp Table, 36in x 29in H
  • Lot of 2 Antique Marble Top Tables, Matching, 24in x 22in x 18in
  • Early Victorian Chair w/ Ornate Hand Stitched Upholstery
  • Carved Wood Chair, One Piece of Solid Wood
  • Matching Victorian Chairs
  • Mid-Century Modern Drum Table w/ Drawer
  • Antique Morris Chair
  • Antique Parlor Table
  • Antique Flip Top Table, 46in x 35in x 29in
  • Antique Oak Podium or Lecturn from Old Church, Adjustable Height, 24in x 19in Top
  • Mid-Century Modern Japanese Low Round Tea Table, Hand Painted Scenes of Mt Fuji, Mother of Pearl
  • Antique Gate Let Drop Leaf Table, 54in x 30in x 38in
  • Multi-Function Game Table, Table and Card Table w/ Bumper Pool, Balls and Cues
  • Farmhouse Wicker Laundry Basket
  • Vintage Vendo 81 Coca-Cola Machine, Works Great, Exellent Restoration, VG Condition
  • Original B & G Tasty Foods Neon Sign from an Omaha Legend, One of a Kind Neon Sign
  • Cast Iron Coca-Cola Embossed Lollipop Sign Base and Pole
  • Lighted Phillips 66 Exterior Filling Station Sign
  • NOS Drink Dr. Pepper Tin Sign, Embossed
  • Mills “Puncher”, 5 Cent punching bag, oak & cast iron, c.1910, works but needs adjustment, older
  • Early Cast Iron Graveyard Cross, Very Old and Ornate
  • Early Cast Iron Graveyard Cross, Very Old and Ornate
  • Early Porcelain Top Kitchen Cupboard, Restored, Very Nice
  • Tokheim model 448 Gas Pump, Unrestored
  • Antique Oak Library Table
  • 1962 Bally’s Table Hockey Coin-Operated Game
  • Bally Palm Springs Pinball Machine
  • Williams Coin-Operated Fast Ball Arcade Game
  • Embossed Firestone Sign
  • Full Length Mirror
  • Pepsi-Cola Main St. Wash House sign, metal, marked Pepsi-Cola on bottom right, 67in x 9.5in
  • Royal Crown Cola, working thermometer in Good cond w/wear 25.5in x 10in
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Stained Glass Window
  • Stained Glass Window
  • National Cash Register, Brass, Model 337, orig sold to J.T. Goodman-Galena, KS on 4-29-12 & Marquee
  • Hindustan Oil Mills Paint, porcelain, pictures paint cans & oil rig in center, 73in x 24in
  • Advertising sign, Speed Queen Washers & Ironers, reflective metal w/wood backing, VG cond, 42″Dia.
  • Jelco Supporters, mfgd by J. Ellwood Lee Co.-Conshohocken, PA, celluloid over cardboard 12in x 14in
  • Original Roll of Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Original Roll of Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Original Brick of Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Original Brick of Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Original Brick of Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Misc. Lot of Original Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Original Brick of Peony Park Amusement Park Tickets
  • Lot of 12 Vintage Zippo Lighters, Various Years
  • Original Peony Park Amusement Park Two Part Sign
  • Origianl Peony Park Frisco Lines Railroad Train Bulletin Dining and Cocktail Menu Sign
  • Original Peony Park Baggage and Coats Sign
  • Original Peony Park Sign, Waterpark Admission
  • Peony Park Railroad Sign, Wall Lake
  • 1960’s Barbie Dream House
  • Birmingham Silver Co. Serving Set, Polished High Quality Silver on Copper, Six Pieces
  • 1972 Nebraska Cornhuskers National Championship Yardlong Team Photo
  • Vintage Oren-O-Matic South Bend No. 1130 Model D Fly Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Cast Iron Mechanical Elephant Cigarette Dispenser, Restored
  • Civic Auditorium Circus Poster
  • Lot of 3 Millard Roadhouse Omaha Professional Sports Framed Photo and Card Collage
  • Lot of 6, Ice cream scoops, 3 conicals marked Gilchrist #33, Quick & Easy & Clipper & 3 round bowls
  • WWII German 1923 Anti-Semitic aluminum token naked Jew sitting on a wheat obverse & SA Sports badge
  • RC Cola Picnic Cooler, Embossed Metal Cooler – Progressive Refrigerator Co. VG Cond. 19in x 19in
  • Neon Drive Thru Open Sign
  • Wayne – Martin & Schwartz Model 80 Gas Pump w/ Contemporary Gas Globe, Complete, Exec. Restored
  • Ingraham oak school house regulator clock, embossed octagonal case w/Egg & Dart molding, c.1910
  • RC Royal Crown Cola, marked MCA 1961, self-framed embossed metal sign, Prof Restored cond, 40″x62.5″
  • Porcelain Sign, We Produce Grade A Milk for Frigo 24in x 18in, DSP Double Sided
  • Salesman Sample Furnace w/ Orig. Case
  • 1963 Midget Wrestling Poster, Oakland Aditorium, Tiny Tim, Little Beaver and Others, VG Orig.
  • Coin-operated machine, Victory Ball skill game 1 Cent, Jennings transfer on wood/metal case, VG+
  • Antique Fresh Hot Peanut Machine
  • Bryan’s Twelve Win One Cent English Slot Machine, Excellent Working Condition w/ 100+ English
  • Red Giant Oils Sold Here Embossed Tin Sign, SST, Local Council Bluffs Co, Stout Sign Co. 24in x 12in
  • Contemporary Dr. Pepper Bottle Cap Sign
  • Lot of 5, NOS Porcelain Gas Station Lights, 14.5in Wide
  • Lot of 6, NOS Porcelain Gas Station Lights, 12in Wide
  • Lot of 6, NOS Porcelain Gas Station Lights, 12in Wide
  • Lot of 2, NOS Gabriel Shocks Tin Signs, 20in x 20in
  • David Harum Seeds Tin Sign, 36in x 12in, SST
  • Lot of 3, Vintage Embossed HD Metal Street Signs, No Parking, All Different, NOS 18in
  • Milwaukee Tools Red Zone Embossed Tin Sign, 36in x 12in, SST
  • 1950s Bell Agency Council Bluffs Real Estate / Insurance Tin Sign, SST, 19in x 13in
  • KOZN 660 AM On Your Dial – Your Giant Country Cousin Radio Station Metal Sign, 20in x 17in
  • Gates Filling Station Display Rack Sign Topper, 36in x 7in, Metal
  • Morton’s Salt – It Pours, SST Embossed Tin Sign, 27in x 10in, One Corner Has Small Cut Off Edge
  • c. 1936 Willard Battery Tester, Art Deco, Excellent Condition, RARE
  • Ball Point Pen Coin-Operated Pen Dispenser, No Key
  • Surge, Cleaner Milk, Faster Milking – Tin Sign, SST 19in x 12in
  • Bayer Headache Medicine Coin-Operated Pill Packet Dispenser, No Key
  • NOS Mighty Tonka Mobile Crane No. 3940 w/ Original Box
  • c. 2004 West Coast Choppers Jesse James 1954 Chevy Battery Operated Remote Control Car w/ Orig. Box
  • Aqua-Vu Underwater Viewing System Model: MC2x Fish Finder w/ Minn Kota # 40PD Trolling Motor
  • Mighty Tonka Loadmaster No. 7568 Toy, w/ Original Box
  • Lot of 7 Vintage and Modern Old Timer Knives
  • Two Bayonets and 1 Craftsman Dagger, Possibly Military
  • Lot of 3 Knives, 2 Schrade, 1 Japan
  • Browning Compound Bow, Case, Quiver, Arrows & Misc. Supply
  • Lot of 3, Antique Billiards Racks, Pool Ball Triangle, Wooden and Brass
  • Lot of 4, Antique Billiards Racks, Pool Ball Triangle, Wooden and Brass
  • Lot of 4, Antique Billiards Racks, Pool Ball Triangle, Wooden and Brass
  • Antique Oak Billiard Ball Wall Mounted Pool Ball Rack, Painted Black, 24in x 20in
  • Antique Wooden Eastlake Style Brunswick, Balke, Collender Pool Cue Rack Approx. 36in x 56in
  • Antique Wooden Eastlake Style Brunswick, Balke, Collender Pool Cue Rack Approx. 36in x 56in
  • Lot of 6, NOS Soda Fountain Paper Litho Advertisements, Coke, Sprite, Wink, Bireley’s +
  • Lot of 2 Porcelain Signs, Danger Electric Wires High Voltage, Laurence Paints, SSP
  • Lot of 9, NOS Paper Litho Soda Fountain & Cigar Store & Gas Advertisements
  • Lot of 7 Misc Advertising Pieces, 2 Tins, Coffee, Dills Best Tobacco, 4 MoorMan Pieces, Planters Jar
  • Coin-Operated Pay Phone, US West Communications
  • Lot of 10 NOS Steber Porcelain Gas Station Light Shades, 10in Wide, Never Used
  • Art Deco Chrome Coin-Operated Pay Phone w/ 3 Coin Slots, Nickel, Dime, Quarter
  • Antique Sleigh Bells on Leather Strap, Primitive w/ Brass Bells
  • Antique Kellogg Wall Mount Antique Telephone Pat’d Nov. 26, 1901 No. 91266-L w/ Oak Frame, Complete
  • Vintage Coin-Operated U.S. Postal Stamps Dispenser Vending Machine, 25 Cent, No Key
  • Antique Kellogg S.&S. Co. Wall Mount Telephone in Oak Case, Complete
  • Scrimshaw Carved Bone Whale Fisherman’s Cane, Message ” Ship Spermo Whale Off California 1821″
  • Carved Tusk or Bone and Wood Dragon Fly Cane with Silver Collar
  • Carved Tusk or Bone Animal Cane with Gold Collar
  • Ornate Dress Cane with Stone Ball Top and Decorative Silver Collar
  • Ornate T-Handled Silver Cane on Wooden Shaft
  • Carved Tusk or Bone Dog Cane with Silver Collar
  • Bone or Tusk Carved Animal Figural Cane, Tusked Animal with Sharp Teeth
  • Figural Carved Wood Asian Man Cane with Silver Collar
  • Classic Dress Cane with Silver or Mixed Metal Art Deco Design Handle w/ Polished Blue Swirl Stone
  • Carved Wooden Fowl with Large Beak Cane
  • Mixed Metal Alligator Cane with Silver Ferrule, Very Ornate
  • Carved Figural Dog Cane with Brass Collar and Glass Eyes
  • Art Nouveau Nude Woman Cane, Bone or Tusk Carved Woman Laying on Platform
  • Carved Tusk or Bone Monkey Cane with Brass or Gold Collar and Ferrule
  • Wood Carved Figural Religious Woman Cane, Figure Cloaked in Robe
  • Bone or Tusk Carved Figural Man Cane with Gold or Metal Spun Collar on Ebony Shaft
  • Tusk or Bone Carved Chinese Buddha Cane, Figural Chinese Buddhist Monk
  • Carved Tusk or Bone Blow Fish Cane with Brass or Gold Collar
  • Early Dress Cane with Knob Handle and Silver Decorative Collar
  • Silver Serpent Figural Cane with Green and Black Glass Eyes, Very Neat Unusual Cane
  • Carved Chinese Buddha or Monk Figural Cane, Figure Sits on Platform, Carved Ebony Shaft
  • Figural Bone or Tusk Carved Woman Cane
  • Carved Tusk or Bone Figural Polar Bear Cane
  • Ornate Silver Crook Handled Bird Cane with Glass Eyes, Mixed Metals Ferrule
  • Custom Built Solid Wood Walking Stick or Cane Rack
  • Custom Built Solid Wood Walking Stick or Cane Rack
  • Lot of 8 Vintage Car Parts in Orig. Packaging, Some 2-Part Boxes, See Images for Details
  • Stan-Hoist Elevator Fort Dodge Iowa Placard
  • Red Crown Gasoline Convex Porcelain Pump Plate, 12in x 12in, SSP
  • SSP Texaco Fire Chief Gasoline Dealers Sign, Dalmatians on Sled, Made in USA 1-9-56 13in x 15in
  • Marathon Multi Power SSP Pump Plate, 12in, Made in USA – 53
  • Standard White Crown Pump Plate, SSP, 15in x 12in, Standard Oil,
  • SSP NO SMOKING Sign, 10in x 12in, Porcelain
  • SSP Esso Gasoline Pump Plate, Made in USA 58 – 12in x 8.5in


PAYMENT INFO: WE WILL DEBIT THE CREDIT CARD YOU HAVE ON FILE WITH PROXIBID IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE AUCTION CLOSES. If your credit or debit card is declined, we will email or call you for other payment methods.

1. This auction will close on onsite at the fall of the auctioneer’s hammer on Saturday November 23rd beginning at 10:45am. Lots will close in order as the hammer fall by the auctioneer onsite at approximately every 30 to 60 seconds, you will be notified by the software with a final warning in most cases.

2. Preview for this auction will be Friday November 22nd at the Auction Mill located at 1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd from 10am to 4pm.

3. The pickup of items is on auction day for one hour after the auction ends and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday November 25th, 26th and 27th from 9am to 3pm.

Please bring the tools, help, equipment, boxes and vehicle you need to take your items with you. There are items located in different areas throughout the property. Some walking may be required.

4. All items are offered and sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with all faults. We encourage you to come to the preview to see and inspect the items. Keep in mind that some, most or all of these items are used and may have scratches, dents, dings, holes, funky odors, etc.

5. All descriptions are believed accurate but not warranted. Measurements are approximate. Any mention of an item’s condition is not an official grading of the item’s condition. When you are not certain of the condition or wear of an item, please bid accordingly.

6. NOTICE: The Auction Mill will not be able to hold any items for pick up beyond the stated times. Everything must be picked up by Wednesday November 27th at 3pm unless other arrangements have been made with Tom at the Auction Mill. Buyer will be charged the full amount for items AND up to a $25 disposal fee per item for property not picked up by the designated date and time, and will forfeit their right and claim to the property. Be sure to bring the help, manpower, boxes, carts and vehicles needed to move your items. The The Auction Mill Team will not be available to load, lift carry, move, disassemble or haul your purchases.

7. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. You must be registered to place a bid on an item. By placing a bid, you agree to all the terms and conditions that apply to that auction.

8. The Auction Mill reserve the right to reject any bid and/or bidder at our sole discretion.

9. All Bidding From this Platform Proxibid Is Done Online, this is a live auction with simulcast bidding, you have the option of coming to the auction and attending and bidding in person.

10. This auction has an 18% online buyers premium or a 10% onsite buyers premium if you attend and bid in person. This means that a final bid of $100 plus the buyer’s premium constitutes the total purchase price of $118.00

11. Payment Terms: Your Card on File w/ Proxibid Will Be Billed Immiately Upon the Auction Closing. State sales tax will be collected unless you have a tax exempt number on file with our firm.

12. By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction.

13. Onsite buyers must take their items with them and pick them up in person, anyone bidding online from out of state will have their items taken to the local UPS store on 79th and Dodge St in Beverly Hills Plaza once they have paid our firm for the item. The UPS store will contact you directly for shipping and billing of your items. Firearms purchased will be shipped by our firm, see terms below regarding firearms.

14. The Auction Mill will ship all firearms, all other items will be taken to the UPS Store in Beverly Hills Plaza on 79th and Dodge St in Omaha after you have paid for your items.

15. All bidding is online from this platform, we may also selling live to the onsite public simultaniously.

If you’re not monintoring and bidding live online and have left your maximum bid in prior, you run the risk of losing your max bid if the bid increment is the the onsite buyer. For example, you left a $110.00 max bid and going into the auction, you are high bidder at $80, the next increment would be bid $90 to the onsite bidder, then the computer would put you in at $100, the next bid increment would be $110.00 onsite, you would be out of the bidding and if no more bids were taken, the onsite buyer would win at $110.00.

Preview is highly recommended so you can make your own determination of quality, size, condition, weight, item location, and all the other variables that are difficult to convey in a photo.

Any items not removed during the pickup times will become the property of the Auction Mill (unless other arrangements have been made)

If you are unable to make the pickup time due to a flat tire, mean boss, traffic jam, car fire, sudden illness, deceased relative, or any other catastrophic event, please contact The Auction Mill at 402.885.4916 or 402.690.8666 or info@theauctionmill.com We can make special arrangements for in most cases. Items MUST be paid in full to qualify for storage.

By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction. All bids are final. We cannot retract or remove a bid.

You will deal with our firm on shipment of the firearms, all other items will be shipped by the UPS Store.

As mentioned above, non-firearms items will be shipped by the local UPS Store and they will contact you for payment after you have paid our firm for your purchase.

There will be a $40 returned check fee for any declined check received.

Declined credit cards can result in a buyer being banned from participating in future auctions. The Auction Mill is members of the National and State Auctioneers Associations. Non-paying and/or fraudulent bidder names may be shared with other auction companies.


16. Out of state buyers will have to provide our firm with a copy of your receiving FFL dealers Federal Firearms License Certificate and contact information or a copy of your FFL Certificate if you are a licensed dealer.

We will ship your gun to them or you after receiving an emailed copy of their license and contact info.

In addition to the shipping and packing expense, there will be a charge of $20.00 per firearms for the transfer fee, a discount of $5.00/gun for bulk and multiple firearms buyers. The first gun will be $20.00 and each transfer after will be $15/firearm.

17. Transfer Fee Onsite: Onsite Buyers will be charge a $15.00 transfer fee for the first firearm and $10.00 for each additional gun purchase, including long guns, rifles, shotguns, but excluding black powder guns.

18. All buyers (unless you are a licensed FFL dealer) will be required to fill out and sign a 4473 form for your purchases and pay a transfer fee on all firearms except black powder, including long guns, rifles, relics and shot guns. Out of state buyers onsite will have their firearms shipped or deliverd to their local FFL in their state for pickup.

19. Anyone buying with a valid FFL license can carry their gun home with them regardless of the state you live in.

20. Local buyers with a valid handgun purchase permit, concealed carry permit or valid FFL can take their firearms with them after filling out the proper paperwork and paying the transfer fee. Local buyers without a handgun purchase permit will be required to pay for a NICS background check, once passed, they can take shotguns and rifles with them. All buyers buying handguns must have a minimum of a handgun purchase permit in order to take the firearm with you.


HANDGUNS: $25.00 SHIPPING CHARGE FOR THE FIRST HAND GUN, ALL ADDITIONAL HAND GUNS WILL BE AN ADDITIONAL $15/ea. Example: If you buy four handguns, shipping will be $70.00 for all of them.


SHIPPING EXAMPLE THREE: IF you purchased seven guns, three hand guns and four long guns, shipping will be: $55.00 for the handguns and $135.00 for the long guns for a total of $190.00 – Your credit card on file with Proxibid will be billed for shipping unless we arrange other payment methods with you.

If you have any questions about these terms, please email Tom at tom@theauctionmill.com

Additional shipping expenses may occur for overseas buyers.

Driving Directions to Our Facility: Our facility is located at 1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104. From 52nd St and Blondo St, Travel East to Country Club Ave, Turn SE on Country Club Ave until you run into the “Peanut” round-a-bout, the exit by the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club is the one you want to take, we are located next door to SCBC.

Contract Info:
The Auction Mill

Driving Directions to Our Facility: Our facility is located at 1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104. From 52nd St and Blondo St, Travel East to Country Club Ave, Turn SE on Country Club Ave until you run into the “Peanut” round-a-bout, the exit by the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club is the one you want to take, we are located next door to SCBC.

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The Auction Mill


1528 N. Saddle Creek Road Omaha, NE 68104

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