Huge 400+ Lot ONLINE Timed Vintage Antiques & Advertising Auction

Rare Signs, Stoneware, Military, Hunting, Fishing, Early Furniture, Antiques and More

Rare Advertising, Fishing, Traps, Books, Vintage Stereo Equipment, Military, Fountain Pens, Wooden Crates, General Store, Vintage Toys, Knives, Pocket Knives, Quilts, Primitives, Early Furniture and Much More

Began: 04/25/20 at 11:00 AM CDT
Ended: 05/09/20 at 3:30 PM CDT



Bidding Open Now, Lots Begin to Close Sunday May 9th at 3:30pm

Pickup at the Auction Mill on Wednesday May 12th and Saturday May 15th 

Fishing, Traps, Books, Antique Radios, Vintage Stereo Equipment, Military, Fountain Pens, Advertising, Wooden Crates, Gas & Oil Memorabilia, Local Nebraska, Ephemera, Political Buttons, Handmade Quilts, Candy Store, General Store, Country Store Items, Vintage Toys, Pocket Knives, Old Knives, Early Furniture, Mid-Century Modern Decor, Old Tools, Primitives, Medicine Bottles, BB Guns and More.


Shipping will be handled by the local UPS store at buyers expense. Please allow up to two to three weeks for shipping. Local hands free curbside pickup in Omaha, NE at our facility parking lot.

Auction Listing:


  • Two Vintage Long Distance Radios by Zenith,
  • Two Vintage Bakelite Radios, General Electric & Westinghouse H422P4
  • General Electric Model: NP124887
  • Atwater Kent Model 30 & Atwater Kent (Metal) and Asbestos Type Fiber Horn
  • Two Vintage Radios, Philco Model 41-851 Suitcase & Emerson Model 504
  • Pioneer Model H-R9000 Receiver
  • Large Group of Advertising Pens & Pencils, Fountain Pens, Mechanical Pencils
  • Misc. Smalls, Metal Dexterity Game, Brass Door Knocker, Oddities, Crown Bicycle Chain Old Mouse Trap and More, See Pictures for Detail
  • Early Mound City Brewing Co Wooden Beer Keg w/ Bung, Iron Band, Rare, New Athens ILL
  • Misc. Smalls, Metal Dexterity Game, Brass Door Knocker, Oddities, Crown Bicycle Chain
  • Vintage Fishing & Rifle Shirts w/ Patches, Navy Uniform, Upland Habitat Shirts Nebraska Rifle & Pistol Ass’n, Pro Fisherman’s Vest
  • 50lb Gold Medal Dynamite Crate
  • Vintage Military Related Books and Pamphlets, See Images for Details and Titles
  • 11 New Old Stock Metal Oil Cans, Quaker State DeLuxe Motor Oil 10W-40HD
  • Rare Collection of Early Franklin Motor Cars Promo Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Booklets Rare Collection of Early Franklin Motor Cars Promo Brochures, Catalogs, Manuals, Booklets, Old Deluxe Gas Cap, Auto Record Book
  • Vintage Lincoln Pius X Thunderbolts Letter Sweater – Stadium (Pure Wool)
  • Bousch & Lomb Optical Brass & Cash Iron Microscope w/ Original Wood Case
  • Early Autograph Book, Old Wallet w/ ID, Vintage Microscope, Butter Mold 1954 Executive Record & Travel Guide, Dominos, George Washington Door Stop
  • Two Vintage Luggage Totes
  • Misc. Brass Military Buttons, Politcal Pin Backs, Buttons
  • Old Squadron Decoders, Brass Decoders, Straight Razor, Fountain Pens, PBR Diecut
  • Early Badges & Ribbons, Pins, Fire Departments, Imp’d O.R.M. 1907 Tribal Ribbon, Horse Awards
  • Brass Whorehouse Brothel Tokens, Omaha Chicago Lumber Paperweight, Pin Back & Ribbon
  • Hand Made Mt Fuji Inn Chef Uniform Handmade by Owners of Omaha’s Mt Fuji Inn & Mai Tai Lounge
  • Old Car Jacks, Phillips 66 S&P, Phillips 66 1959 Brass Tray Award
  • Gas Engine Related Books
  • Old Books Related to Hunting, Duck and Goose Decoys, Storz Cookbook, Game Birds
  • c. 1899 Snuffer Style ER Inspection Light, Battery Powered, Clean Battery Box, Early
  • Omaha Related Booklets, Postcards, Tornado Theme
  • Vintage Motor Oil Cans and Oilers, Oilers
  • Vintage Fire Truck Pedal Car, As-Is
  • 1898 Fred Krug Brewing Omaha Memo Pad and Calendar, Celluloid Type Cover Faded Graphics on Back Side
  • Misc. Lot of Decoy Books, Plant & Birds Books, Playboy, Fabrick, Coleman Camp Stove Wicker Basket, Transister Radio, Misc., Size Large Cold Weather Insulated Camo Trousers
  • Lot of 2 Glass Candy Store Candy Jars w/ Scoops
  • Lot of Vintage Advertising Bullet Pencils and Cigarette Lighters, Keys
  • Vintage Gates & Thermoid Belt Sizer / Finders, Nice Gas & Oil Pieces
  • Old Brass Military Uniform Buttons
  • Large Group of Political and Random Themed Pin Back Buttons, Badges, Ribbons
  • Lot of 13 Vintage Pocket Knives, Case XX, Barlow, Camillus, Jumbo, Dunlap, Others
  • Ten Plus Old Lead Soldiers
  • Group of Misc. Politcal Pin Backs and Other Pin Backs and Badges
  • Collectors Starter Lot of Misc. Pocket Knives
  • Stag Handled Original Bowie Knife, B. Svoboda Soligen Germany
  • Six Old Fighting Knives and Bowie Knives, Kabar, Western, Others
  • Primitive Wooden Coat Hanger
  • Two Vintage Radios; RCA Victor Strato-World, Zenith Trans-Oceanic Short Wave Radio
  • Two Vintage Radios; Zenith Long Distance, Crosley Battery Fiver
  • Early Cardboard/Tin Montgomery Ward 5lb Tea Container, NYC, Chicago, KC, Portland Oriental Lady Graphics
  • Vintage Crosley Dashboard Radio Model E-15BE
  • Vintage Collection of Die Cast Classic Cars, China
  • Collection of Fragile Early Valentines, Doileys, Fancy Work, Garments
  • Vintage Ammo Boxes, Shell Boxes w/ Ammo Stock, See Pictures for Detail
  • Empty Shell Boxes, BB Pistol
  • Misc. Oil Cans and Other Cans, Phillips 66, Da Laval CSO, Mystery Oil
  • Collection of Cans, Coffee, Fly Killer
  • Lot of 2 Leather Doctors Bags, One Alligator Skin Style
  • Lot of 2 Leather Doctors Bags, One w/ Dental Related Items
  • Leather Doctors Bag
  • Folk Art Lamp, Vintage Clothespin Bag and Clothes Pins, Wooden Press
  • Copper Pot, Lots of Misc. Smalls
  • Vintage Hatchets, Axe Heads, Tools
  • Omaha Ranch Bowl Posters, 1972 Husker Game Programs, Vintage Football & KISS Cards
  • Vintage Medice and Extract Bottles
  • As-Is Toys, Bagatelle Game, Round Framed Picture, Promo Car, Books
  • Vintage and Antique Hand Tools
  • Old Cast Iron Cannon Balls or Shot Puts
  • Work Globes, Farmall Chrome, Die Cut Pin-Up Girl Metal, Flashlight, Old Furniture Casters
  • L.J. Brodd 58th U.S.N.C.B. Foot Locker, Wooden, Neat Graphics
  • Collection of 7 Early Draw Knives
  • Vintage Erector Set, Old Wrenches and Tools
  • Antique and Vintage Pulleys
  • Early 1900’s Gretting Cards and Post Cards
  • Tin Neck and Neck Marble Horse Race Game, Poosh-M-Up Marble Shooter, Capt’n American Game
  • Collection of Vintage Fountain Pens, Schaefer, Wear-Ever and More
  • Album Full of Vintage Postcards, 1900 to 1960, Many Local Nebraska
  • R. Hansbottom Roseville, Ohio Sponge Ware Bread Bowl
  • Misc. Ephemera, Hand Painted Plate, Handkerchiefs, Pinback Buttons, Misc.
  • A&W Rootbeer Mugs, Roseville Candle Holders, Damaged Roseville Vase
  • Vintage Unsorted Postcard Collection
  • Fremont, Omaha, Lincoln & Other Nebraska Postacards
  • Political Buttons, Hog Strap, Omaha Stockhards Record Book, Toy Scale
  • Political Poster, Rag Doll, Old German Beer Menu
  • 30th Century Coins of the World Book Full of Coins, Old Books
  • J.L. Taylor & Co Fall and Winter 1927-28 Men’s Formal Fashions Salesman Sample Book, Rare
  • SW or Native American Prayer Blankets and Blanket
  • Vintage Toys and Games
  • Old Knife Sharpening Stones, Bung Holer
  • Preway Camp Stone, Coleman Heater, Vintage Fly Trap and Railroad Lantern
  • Vintage Ammo and Ammo Boxes, Shotgun Shells, Bait Boxes
  • Vintage 5 Gallon Oil Can, Vintage Copper Fire Guard Pmp, Chicken Feeders
  • Western Coat Rack, RCA Model T62 Radio
  • Power Passsers by Lionel Slot Car Game, Models
  • Vintage Farm Toys and Tin Toys
  • 45 Records, Toys, Fabric
  • Display Showcases, Countertop Cases
  • Antique Glass Ceiling Light Globes, Old Books
  • Compound Bow
  • Vintage Childs Cowboy/Indian Toys, Vintage Leather Gun Case
  • Unclassified Haiti Order of Battle Handbook, Parts of a Vintage Flame Thrower
  • Comic Books, Old Metal Detector, CB Radio
  • Copper Boilers, Very Good Condition
  • Vintage Magaziens, The American Magazine, 25 Cent
  • Vintage Camp Stove
  • Vintage Lincoln Logs
  • Vintage Lamps
  • Late 1800’s Rare Reverse Paint Saeger’s Monogram Hand Made Cigar Shop Sign, Omaha, Fremont, Nebr. Nickel This is certainly a one of a kind local piece that likely hung in their Cigar Making Facility, 43in x 29in, Found an Old News Paper Under the Glass Dated 1901 Omaha World Herald
  • Hull Pottery, Depression Glass, Misc. Glassware
  • Vintage Toys and Games
  • Two High Quality BB Guns
  • Lot of 5 BB Guns
  • Old Cast Iron Kettle and Small White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer
  • Vintage Desk Lamp
  • Antique Books
  • Eveready Auto Lamp Blulbs Display Cabinet
  • Spitoon, Cruet Set (Some Damaged Bottles), Old Tobacco Tins, Other Tins
  • Vintage Automobile Lights
  • Early Wooden First National Bank Council Bluffs, Ia Thermometer
  • Lot of 10 Flat Good Decoys
  • Five Vintage BB Guns
  • Old Yard Decoys
  • Vintage Pot Metal Desk Lamp w/ Glass Glove, Figural Woman & Team of Horses
  • Vintage Schlitz Beer Light
  • Buddy L Highway Maintenance Pressed Steel Truck and Grader
  • Tin Toys
  • Vintage Luggage
  • Vintage Luggage
  • Misc. Lamps
  • Figural Pig Weather Vane
  • Wooden Letter Holder
  • Childrens Tea Sets
  • Vintage Lamps
  • Misc. Antiques and Smalls
  • Vintage Advertising, Clocks and Wrench Display, Some Damage
  • Antique Washboards, Clothes Pin Bag and Baskets
  • No Clue
  • Velvet Pipe Tobacco Porcelain Sign, 39in x 12in, Very Good Condition, All Original
  • Tin Can Alley Game
  • Vintage Toys and Cars
  • Oakland, Nebr. The Dugout Don & Roy Carson Watt Ware Bowl
  • Vintage Toys and Cap Guns
  • Vintage Prints and Old Books, Fairytale Books
  • Misc. Vintage Games and Toys
  • Vintage Crock Bowls, Coffee Grinder, Spice Cabinet, Razor Strap
  • Cast Iron Ladel, Enamel Plate
  • Vintage Sprinkler, Metal Case, Grates
  • Enamelware
  • Old Car Parts, Steering Wheels, Lights, Chrome
  • Tru Hone Knife Grinder / Sharpener
  • Stag Antlers and Furs
  • Blue Mason Jars and Zinc Lids
  • Large Lot of Old Bottles, Medicine, Extract, Drinks
  • Broken Fairmont Creamery Neon Sign Letters, Lightning Rod Globes, As-Is
  • Old Photographs, Postcards and a Jar of Vintage Buttons
  • Lot of 2 Early Framed Pictures with Unique Frames
  • Lot of 4 Old Framed Prints, Landscapes, Including Lone Wolf
  • Lot of 3 Framed Wildlife Prints Including One Duck Stamp
  • Lot of 2 Framed Advertising Posters, Portland United Airlines, Gooch’s Best Poultry Feeds
  • Lot of 3 Framed Prints, Naval Ship, Bass Fishing, Charcoal Like Birds
  • Old Guitar, Starter Guitar
  • Keg Drum with Canvas Top and Drum Sticks
  • Old Wood Plane
  • Wooden Tote Box w/ Hinged Lid and Old Fogger
  • Yellowstone Apricots Crate, Old Wooden Toolbox, Lesmok Powder Rifle Wooden Box
  • Four Antique Mole Traps
  • Group of Old Cast Iron Tools
  • Framed – In Remembrance of my Cruise in China Japal and PI” Americana Silk Pillowcase
  • Oak Framed Mirror, Vintage Mirror
  • Two Wooden Folding Tables
  • Canvas Back Decoy
  • Pair of Canvas Back Wildflower Decoys
  • Pair of Joe Gigl Decoys
  • Four Wooden Victor Decoys
  • Hand Painted Canvas Decoy, Goose
  • Lot of Five Mallard Wodoen Decoys
  • Four Primitive Goose Decoys
  • Wooden Goose Decoy
  • Six Vintage Duck and Goose Decoys
  • Large Group of Duck Decoys
  • Old Duck and Goose Decoys
  • Group of Old Duck Decoys, Mallard Ducks
  • Large Selection of Old Iron Traps
  • Large Selection of Old Iron Traps
  • Large Selection of Old Iron Traps
  • Large Selection of Old Iron Traps
  • Lot of Two Old Live Traps
  • Group of Steel Leg Traps
  • Lot of 3, Number 3 Newhouse Double Spring Traps No. 3
  • Lot of 3, Number 3 Newhouse Double Spring Traps No. 3
  • T.H. Taylor and Killer Traps
  • Lot of 4 Various Double Spring Leg Traps
  • Lot of 4 Triumph Easy Set Traps
  • Old Iron Pulley
  • Old Trapping Books and Brochures and Pamphlets
  • Angora Wooly Chaps, As-Is, See Images for Detail and Condition
  • Pima Indian Woven Basket, Bowl Shaped
  • Pima Indian Woven Basket w/ Lid
  • Lot of Old Trail and Bird Related Books, Hunting Books
  • Antlers
  • Lot of 2 Quilts, Pink Flowers 87in x 71in, Yellow/White 76in x 63in
  • Lot of 3 Quilts, Purple 54in x 36.5in, Green 54in x 34.5in, Yellow 38in x 34in
  • Handmade Quilt 88in x 80in
  • Lot of 7 Quilts and Blankets, Most Larger, 80in and 140in, two smaller ones
  • Pair of Quilts: Pink: 66in x 78in and Red/White: 79in x 72in
  • Very Nice Navajo Wood Rug, Rare Pattern, Very Good Condition and a Neat Flower Identification Quilt
  • Vintage Doileys, Tea Towels and Under Garments Very Nice Navajo Wood Rug, Rare Pattern, Very Good Condition and a Neat Flower Identification Quilt
  • Old Wooden Dupont Explosives Crate
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Crescent Macaroni and Cracker Davenport, IA – Side of Old Crate
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Lamp Parts
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • Old Trap and Trapper Magazine
  • Camping Related Items
  • Old Military Related Items, More Detail Coming Soon
  • U.S. Navy Coveralls, Duffel Bag
  • Random Lot of Raquets, Ice Skates, Wooden Decoys, Reel Box
  • Vintage High Chair
  • Antique Drop Leaf Pine Table
  • Chair and Baby Crib or Doll Crib
  • Antique Rocking Chair, Oak
  • Old Oak Stick and Ball Rocking Chair w/ Cast Iron Hardware, Very Nice
  • Wicker Chair
  • Two Iron Pop Crates, Concrete Planter
  • Primitive Four Drawer Wooden Hardware Cabinet
  • Early Chest of Drawers
  • Silvertone Television Set
  • Antique Dresser and Mirror
  • Pennzoil 120lb Oil Drum
  • Lane End Tables, Mid-Century Modern, Style 1194 05
  • Antique Oak 5 Drawer Dresser
  • Primitive Kitchen Cupboard or Cabinet with Bottom Drawers
  • Old Wooden Bucket
  • Nail Kegs, Folk Art Barn
  • Trunk
  • Primitive Wooden Trunk w/ Some Blankets
  • Pair of Wooden Trunks
  • Antique Trunk Full of Straw Hats
  • Old Wooden Potato Bin
  • Lot of 3 Oil Cans
  • Old Galvanized Fuel Cans
  • Three Galvanized Pales
  • Two Galvanized Pales
  • Three Galvanized Pales
  • Old Primitive Salmon Crate w/ Side Graphics
  • Old Beekeppers Box
  • Old Wooden Practice Rockets Ammo Crate
  • Old Potato Bin, Wooden, Primitive
  • Old Farm Tools, Pitchforks, Spade
  • Lot of Antique Axes
  • Lot of Antique Axes
  • Antique Firemans Axe
  • Three Sleds, Planet Jr, Lightning Guider, Flexible Flyer
  • Two Vintage Sleds, Trail Breaker, Yankee Clipper
  • Old Bissell’s Sweeper, Block and Tackle, Easel
  • Vintage Water Skis, El Tigre Tunnel Concave Cut n Jump, Cypress Gardens Dick Pope Jr, Cutlass Lake Region,
  • Antique Brass Fireplace Tool Set, Very Heavy Brass
  • Mid-Century Modern Lamps
  • Mid-Century Modern Lamp
  • Three Handmade Quilts
  • Old Syringes and Portable Record Player with Wild Turkey Calls Instruction Record
  • Denon POA-3000 Precision Audio Component / Stereo Power Amplifier
  • Placeholder, DO NOT BID
  • Antique Tools, Large Lot
  • Doll House, Vintage Christmas Ornaments and Lights
  • Old Black and White Photo Albums, The People’s War Book, Plattsmouth Nebr Leatherbound Album
  • Misc. Cast Iron Markers, Powder Horn Parts, Cow Bells
  • Large Group of Movie Star 8.5in x 11in Glossy Photos
  • Radio Control Speed Boat
  • Folk Art Filling Station and Gasoline Chart
  • Misc. Lot, African Mask, Patches, Hats, Misc.
  • Old Primitive Bird House and Concrete Fishing Boy (Has Damage)
  • Old Pay Phone and Mantle Clock, Pay Phone May Not Be Complete
  • Childrens Toy Quiver and Arrows, Ride On Horse, Marble Shooter Game
  • Oil Cans, Cast Iron Implement Seat w/ Damage, Misc. Old Tools
  • Folding Stool, Baskets
  • Poster Collection
  • Hunting and Fishing Books
  • Game Call Records
  • Cowboy Boots
  • Contemporary Lamp, Iron Stand, Ice Skates
  • Placeholder, DO NOT BID
  • Placeholder, DO NOT BID
  • Placeholder, DO NOT BID
  • Vintage Tokyo Fuji Fishing Pole Rod
  • Vintage Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Lot of 2 Vintage Fishing Poles, Rod and Reel Combos
  • Lot of 5 Vintage Fishing Poles, Rod and Reel Combos
  • Lot of 4 Vintage Fishing Poles, Rod and Reel Combos
  • Lot of 4 Vintage Fishing Poles, Rod and Reel Combos
  • Vintage Fishing Rod and Reel
  • Lot of 4 Vintage Fishing Rods
  • Misc. Fishing Rods and Reels
  • Lot of Four Fishing Nets
  • Mechanics Creeper
  • Vintage Radio
  • Detroit Automatic Scale Co. Grocers or General Store Scale
  • Cast Iron Waffle Iron
  • Two Vintage Lamps
  • Vintage Admiral AM/FM Stereo Multiplex Speakers
  • Kyocera D-801 Stereo Cassette Tape Deck
  • JVC Model No. JR-S301 DC-Integrated Receiver OCL Amplifier
  • Avis NAD Electronics Model 7100 AM/FM Stereo Receiver, Monitor Series Stereo Receiver 7100
  • Pair of Vintage Sony Stereo Speakers
  • Vintage Yamaha NS-8 Stereo Speakers
  • Yamaha Mixer Model MV802 and Realistic Equalizer
  • Pioneer Model SX-201 Stereo Receiver
  • Panasonic Model: DVD-CV5OU
  • Altec Lansing Mixer/Amplifier Model: 1707C
  • Onkyo Quartz Locked Stereo Receiver Model: TX-4500 MKII
  • Vintage Sony Music Systems – HP-580
  • AKAI FM AM Stereo Receiver Model: AA-R20
  • Kyocera R-851 Quartz Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Tuner/Amplifier
  • UP Railroad Print
  • Colucci Original Oil Painting
  • Hobby Horses and Misc.
  • Stuff
  • Old Records
  • 45 Records in Sleeves
  • Vintage Radio, Misc.
  • Thermos Camp Stove
  • Primal Lite String Lite Set, Mizuno and Other Athletic Totes
  • Vintage Records
  • Vintage Records
  • Vintage Records
  • Large Lot of Models, Games and Toys
  • Framed Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Framed Prints
  • Framed Stained Leaded Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Mirror
  • Framed Prints
  • Telecron Electric Clock Model: 6B97
  • Misc. Vintage Smalls
  • Misc. Gun Related Smalls
  • Random Lamps
  • Framed Pictures
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Horse and Stand
  • Metal Stands
  • 3 Gallon Crock, Small 1 Gallon Crock
  • Blue and White Stoneware Pitcher, Crock, Stoneware Mason Jar w/ Zinc Lid
  • 3 Gallon Redwing Crock, 4 Gallon Crock
  • Redwing Stoneware Crocks, 3 Gallon and 6 Gallon
  • 4 Gallon Crock, 6 Gallon Western Crock
  • Pair of 5 Gallon Crocks, Redwing and Birch Leaf
  • Pair of 5 Gallon Western Crocks
  • E.E. Bruce & Co. Wholesale Druggists Omaha, NEBR. Stoneware Crock (Broken Handle)
  • 4 Gallon Stoneware Butter Churn, Union Stoneware
  • 5 Gallon Stoneware Butter Churn, Union Stoneware
  • Vintage Veedol Oil and Greases 5 Gallon Can
  • Vintage Record Collection, Pretty Good Records
  • Misc. Toys
  • Collection of Beer Steins
  • Old Kitchen Clock
  • Prints and Chalkboard
  • Regulator Clock, Coke Bottle Thermometer, Vintage Camera and Stamp Album
  • Vintage Knects Magnetic Toys and Hot Sheels Cars
  • Antique Western Electric No. 12 Vacuum
  • Twisted Iron Ice Cream Chair
  • Clocks
  • Vintage Enamelware
  • Wooden Shelves
  • Wooden Boxes
  • Misc. Smalls
  • Chinese Checker Board, Shadowbox Frame
  • Mirrors and Print
  • Rocking Horse
  • FIRST Sign, Xmas Village, Hooks
  • Antique Hat Box and Hats and Magazine Rack
  • Wooden Lap Desk
  • Décor
  • Copper Pot and Wall Mounted Shelves
  • Pewter Pitchers and Chair Seat Covers
  • Pig Statue and Century Fence Signs
  • Rug, Print, Misc.
  • Lot of 4 Vintage Swivel Bar Stools
  • No Trespassing Tin Sign, 2 Neon Transformers or Power Supplies
  • Doll and Doll Clothes
  • Large CHICAGO Exterior Sign on Bar, From Chicago Dawg House, Approx. 10ft
  • Lot of 4 NOS Caution Burn Hazard Signs
  • Vintage Metal Tru-Flow Oil Filter Sign, 16in x 36in
  • Old Hay Knife
  • Wicker Buggy
  • Framed Prints
  • Misc. Antique Cookware and Enamel
  • Antique Wooden Snow Skis and Ski Poles
  • Rare Peony Park Ballroom Light Fixture, Pre-Fire Era, c. 1920’s or 1930’s
  • Old Derring New Idea Sign, Old Sign, Not Great Repaint Job


PAYMENT INFO: WE WILL DEBIT THE CREDIT CARD YOU HAVE ON FILE WITH PROXIBID IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE AUCTION CLOSES. If your credit or debit card is declined, we will email or call you for other payment methods.

1. This auction will close on Saturday May 9th at Beginning 3:30pm. Lots will close approximately every 60 seconds. Timed auctions use a soft close, which provides an authentic auction atmosphere. If there is a bid in the last minute of a timed auction, the item will remain open for two minutes after the latest bid.

2. Preview for this auction will be Wednesday May 6th from 1pm to 3pm in the Auction Mill parking lot, weather permitting.

3. The pickup of items is Wednesday May 13th from noon to 5pm and Saturday May 16th from 9:30am to 2:30pm at the Auction Mill 1528 N Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104.

Please bring the tools, help, equipment, boxes and vehicle you need to take your items with you.

4. All items are offered and sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” with all faults. We encourage you to come to the preview to see and inspect the items. Keep in mind that some, most or all of these items are used and may have scratches, dents, dings, holes, funky odors, etc.

5. All descriptions are believed accurate but not warranted. Measurements are approximate. Any mention of an item’s condition is not an official grading of the item’s condition. When you are not certain of the condition or wear of an item, please bid accordingly.

6. NOTICE: The Auction Mill will not be able to hold any items for pick up beyond the stated times. Everything must be picked up by Saturday May 19th at 2:30pm. Buyer will be charged the full amount for items AND up to a $25 disposal fee per item for property not picked up by the designated date and time, and will forfeit their right and claim to the property. Be sure to bring the help, manpower, boxes, carts and vehicles needed to move your items. The The Auction Mill Team will not be available to load, lift carry, move, disassemble or haul your purchases.

7. By placing a bid, bidder signifies that they have examined the items to their satisfaction, or that they have chosen not to personally examine them. You must be registered to place a bid on an item. By placing a bid, you agree to all the terms and conditions that apply to that auction.

8. The Auction Mill reserve the right to reject any bid and/or bidder at our sole discretion.

9. All Bidding From this Platform Proxibid Is Done Online, if this is a timed auction, there will be no live onsite auction, if this is a live auction with simulcast bidding, you have the option of coming to the auction and attending and bidding in person.

10. This auction has an 16% buyers premium. This means that a final bid of $100 plus the buyer’s premium constitutes the total purchase price of $116.00

11. Payment Terms: Your Card on File w/ Proxibid Will Be Billed Immiately Upon the Auction Closing. State sales tax will be collected.

12. By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction.


14. ***There are no shipping or packing services offered by The Auction Mill***

If you require shipping and you are an out of state buyer, we will have the local UPS Store on 78th and Dodge (Beverly Hills Plaza) pickup your winning items and prep your items for shipping within 14 days following the auction or sooner. Some items like large furniture, scales are not eligible for shipping and will be pickup only.

Preview is highly recommended so you can make your own determination of quality, size, condition, weight, item location, and all the other variables that are difficult to convey in a photo.

Any items not removed during the pickup times will become the property of the Auction Mill (unless other arrangements have been made)

If you are unable to make the pickup time due to a flat tire, mean boss, traffic jam, car fire, sudden illness, deceased relative, or any other catastrophic event, please contact The Auction Mill at 402.885.4916 or 402.690.8666 or We can make special arrangements for in most cases. Items MUST be paid in full to qualify for storage.

By bidding in this auction, you are agreeing to all of the terms posted for this auction. All bids are final. We cannot retract or remove a bid.

You will deal with our firm on shipment of the firearms, all other items will be shipped by the UPS Store. We do not profit from shipping you will be charged actual shipping costs plus the price to pack and carton each firearms along with a small handling fee. No estimates given.

As mentioned above, non-firearms items will be shipped by the local UPS Store and they will contact you for payment after you have paid our firm for your purchase.

There will be a $40 returned check fee for any declined check received.

Declined credit cards can result in a buyer being banned from participating in future auctions. The Auction Mill is members of the National and State Auctioneers Associations. Non-paying and/or fraudulent bidder names may be shared with other auction companies.

If you have any questions about these terms, please email Tom at

Driving Directions to Our Facility: Our facility is located at 1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104. From 52nd St and Blondo St, Travel East to Country Club Ave, Turn SE on Country Club Ave until you run into the “Peanut” round-a-bout, the exit by the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club is the one you want to take, we are located next door to SCBC.

Contract Info:
The Auction Mill

The pickup of items is both Wednesday May 13th from Noon to 5pm and also on Saturday May 16th 9:30am to 2:30pm. Location of Pickup: The Auction Mill 1528 N Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104.

When you arrive for pickup, either text or call 402.885.4916 to notify us that you have arrived for pickup, tell us your name and we will gather your items and bring them outside for you to retrieve. You can also ring the “ring” doorbell on our front door and tell us you have arrived for pickup.



COVID-19 Update for the Auction Mill
Dear Auction Mill Family:

In consideration of the public health concerns over the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and community-wide efforts to slow its spread, the Auction Mill will make the following changes.

All current and upcoming timed online auctions will go on as originally planned.

The three live auctions scheduled for Thursday March 19th, Saturday March 28th and Sunday March 29th will be placed on hold and postponed for the time being.

Going forward we plan to increase the number of our timed online auctions. We are making some changes to ensure that the timed online auctions are more efficient, convenient and simpler to understand.

• Increased number of online timed auctions
• Two convenient pickup days, Wednesday & Saturday Only
• Lower buyers premium, no cash discounts (cards will be charged for all buyers)
• Items delivered outside for pickup when you arrive at the Auction Mill
• Clean and sanitized facility, inside and out
• New safety measures
• Shipping each Friday
• All auctions will close on Sundays
• No live auctions prior to Easter, April 12th
• Preferred communication methods: Instant Message Social Media, Email and Text
• Messages responded to each afternoon or the following morning

We will offer two convenient pickup days/times each week. Wednesday Noon to 5pm and Saturday 9:30am to 2:30pm. For those who live out of state, packages will be mailed each Friday by our firm or by the local UPS Store.

For online buyers, we will deliver your items to your vehicle, we will no longer allow you in our facility while you wait for items. The only exception will be if we open a small waiting area near an overhead door.

Buyers will sign off on their purchases once they are received.

For those unable to pickup on the following Wednesday or Saturday, you may pick them up the following Saturday. Any buyers who do not pickup their purchases by the second Saturday will have their items forfeited. Exceptions made for sick or ill customers who have paid for their purchases.

New lower buyers premium. We will no longer offer a 3% cash or check discount; we will run the credit card on file with Proxibid for all purchases. The buyer’s premium will be reduced from 18% to 16% to adjust for the difference. For buyers whose cards are declined, you may pay with cash, a certified check, company check, money order or cashiers check. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No auction previews will be offered, we will do a live video preview for each auction on our company Facebook page.

All Timed Online Auctions will end on Sundays. Each different auction will have a unique closing time to ensure they do not overlap.

Timed Online Auctions for businesses and restaurants will have their own unique terms.

Facility and staff safety procedures. We are in the process of sanitizing our facility on a daily basis along with the publicly recommended cleaning and safety procedures. Each of our staff members will conduct a daily wellness check prior and after each shift and not allowed to work if complaining or exhibiting any signs of illness. Staff will be paid for their regular schedule time while on sick leave.

All public touch points will be sanitized several times per day.

Finally, out of consideration for all of our patrons, we respectfully ask if you are not feeling well, please stay home and visit us when you feel better. We will accommodate you and your purchases.
Our goal is to make the buying process easier, more enjoyable, affordable, seamless and convenient.
If you need to reach us or have questions regarding buying or selling, for quickest response, email info@theauctionmill, text 402.885.4916 or message us on Facebook. All business liquidation sellers should call or text Tom direct on his mobile number.

Please check the comment section of this post for updates and changes as needed.

Tom Millie
Owner/The Auction Mill

Driving Directions to Our Facility: Our facility is located at 1528 N. Saddle Creek Rd Omaha, NE 68104. From 52nd St and Blondo St, Travel East to Country Club Ave, Turn SE on Country Club Ave until you run into the “Peanut” round-a-bout, the exit by the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club is the one you want to take, we are located next door to SCBC.

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The Auction Mill

1528 N. Saddle Creek Road Omaha, NE 68104

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