Online Auctions FAQ

Online Auctions FAQ

Bidding FAQ

Q- Why are bidders required to follow bidding increments?

Bid Increments are set to help bidders. These are set to keep the flow of the auction timing, and keep bidders from getting out bid by a penny.

Q- What is a soft close?

Soft close is a set time that will be added to the closing of a lot that gets a bid within the last few seconds. We usually use a 1 minute soft close. So that if an item gets a bid with 50 seconds left until closing it will then get 1 minute added to the closing time. So, the closing time then will be 1:50 until closing.

Q- Tie bids

This happens in a simulcast (live / online auction). We as auctioneers do not have access to the max bids left online lots during the auction. If the bidding stopped prior to the auction say at $175 and someone has left $200 as their max. We start the bidding with the online bid of $175 the next increment would be $200 to the floor. This would put the online bidder out. This is out of our control during the fast pace of the auction. We encourage you to review the bids prior to the auction to ensure this doesn’t happen. We only can use the software given to the operator.

Q- Can I view the assets or items on the auction in person prior to the auction closing date?

Yes, we typically offer one or two preview times for you to be able to view items prior to the auction closing.  Each auction is unique, please read the terms and conditions for that particular auction for stated preview times and locations.

Payments FAQ

Q- What type of payments are accepted for online auctions?

All online transactions require either a cash or check payment upon pickup or a credit card as payment. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

Q- When are payments processed?

Payment will be processed, we do not have access to your credit card information, we do not charge or bill the card on file with Proxibid.  We will email successful winning bidders shortly after the auction an invoice with instructions on how to pay.  You may click the link the email to pay or you may pay in person when you pick up your items.

Shipping and Pick Up FAQ

Q- Does the Auction Mill offer shipping?

The Auction Mill does not offer shipping. We will work with any shipping company to get items shipped out to you. You as the buyer are responsible for any and all shipping. We prefer local pick up at the item location.

If you are an out of state buyer, we will require you to pay for your item prior to us taking your items to the local UPS store or Craters and Freighters for shipment.  After you have paid for your items, the shipping contractor will call you for payment for the shipment.

Q- Does the Auction Mill have packing material or loading help at location pick up?

No, we do not provide any packing material, or help loading of items at the location.

Q- Pick up times and locations

All pick up times and locations will be on the website terms and conditions page. Most online auctions will be onsite at the homes or business. If you have questions, please go to the website for details. Auctions will go into past auctions the day after closing.

Q- What happens if I do not pick up the items in the allotted time?

Your items will be disposed of and you will not receive a refund. You will then be removed from our bidding website, and not allowed to bid in future auctions.

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