KaiVac 1250 Compact No-Touch Cleaning System

Lot #9

Sold for: 425 USD

This unit comes from a good friend of our company who has closed his business and has moved out of town. This is a well-maintained, working KaiVac 1250 unit.  He would offer a phone consultation to the buyer if you have any questions about the machine. Mfg Suggested Retail Price Range from $3,801.26 to $4,995.36

The portable KaiVac 1250 is the smallest cleaning system of the No-Touch Cleaning system family, but delivers the same cleaning power as it's larger siblings. The KaiVac 1250 is a compact cleaning machine that's able to be easily transported or stored when space is limited.

Achieving consistently great cleaning results is easy with this patented cleaning system. Simply apply an automatically diluted cleaning solution to fixtures and floors in a low pressure fan spray, and then blast surfaces and floors with always-fresh, clean water. The power of the indoor pressure washer flushes soils out of grout lines, crevices and tight places that mops simply can't reach. Finally, just vacuum the floor dry – completely removing soils, moisture and contaminants from all surfaces, grout lines and crevices, leaving the floor dry, soil-free and ready for immediate use..

The KaiVac 1250 cleaning system is ideal for smaller areas with a 12 gallon fresh water capacity and a 12 gallon recovery tank. The system is powered by a 500 PSI pump and a powerful extended-life wet vacuum.