Purchase Program


Selling your own personal property can be a great way to generate cash to pay off debt, start a home improvement project, take that dream vacation, or start a new business.

Whatever the reason for selling your own personal property is, it can be a challenge to know where to start. You may feel overwhelmed with all the options available to you for selling your own personal property.

When it comes right down to it, you have three options.

  1. Sell the property yourself.
    2. Hire a professional company to sell the property for you.
    3. Sell it all to one buyer.

Each option has it’s own advantages, and knowing which option is right for you makes all the difference.

Selling your own property takes an incredible amount of time and can be risky. Listing individual items on Facebook or Craigslist involves taking pictures, listing item details, dealing with multiple buyers who ask countless questions already answered in the listings, and managing appointments with people coming to your home or business who may not have the best of intentions.

Hiring a professional company such as ours, to sell your property for you can be an easier and more effective option. In most cases, the sale of personal property can be realized in just 14 to 21 days. If you have personal property you wish to sell and want to speak with someone about our selling at auction options, please give us a call at 402.885.4916

However, if time is of the essence and you prefer to sell everything to one buyer, we can also help you accomplish this quickly with our buyout options. This not onlyeliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple buyers on your own, it offers a quick solution when you need to get your personal property sold now.

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